Thursday, April 4, 2013

Henry Huggins . . .

When I first started creating these materials, I worked on some "rough drafts" using Henry Huggins. Gregory had enjoyed reading it awhile back, and I was (and had started...can't remember!) rereading it to David. Well, a trip to Costco and the discovery of 14 Beverly Cleary paperbacks for only $24.99, and my interest was sparked in putting my previous work in my shop. Detour from Shiloh . . .

I revised and reworked (with my fourth-grader's feedback which cost me 50 cents) my combined skills worksheet. It has over 20 items, focuses on Chapter 2 (Gallons of Guppies) and covers homophones, parallelism, use of the comma in items in a series and with adverbials, avoiding run-ons, capitalization, possessive noun-forms and more. What I like about this type of worksheet, especially, is that students have to draw on all their previous knowledge, so it is a more accurate assessment of whether or not the concept has truly been learned. When a student focuses on, for example, possessive noun forms, mistakes are less easily made.

Try it out and see for yourself.

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