Thursday, March 28, 2013

More . . .By The Great Horn Spoon

I've uploaded my complete file so far on By The Great Horn Spoon...answer sheets and all! I'm now working on two additional worksheets to add to the packet; one will cover adjective or relative clauses and the other, conjunctions. One of the Gold Rush relative clauses I came up with . . .

Miners who didn’t bring picks with them on the journey West usually had to overpay once they arrived in California.

And it includes an adverbial clause just to spice it up a bit! I eat this stuff up :) Oops, my first smiley face.

Next up, I wanted to compile all of my Frindle worksheets for sale into one packet.

Tomorrow I will have a few hours to work on that and upload what I've completed for Shiloh.

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