Friday, April 19, 2013

More on the Great Horn Spoon

I uploaded my revised packet today and felt great knowing the people who have already purchased the product can download for free all the new pieces I've added (more possessive noun forms, adjectives clauses, error analysis, and noun clauses). I wasn't sure about that until I checked the seller's forums. They remind me so much of the TCOYF forums. This really feels like a group of collaborative and insightful teachers.

Teaching students to really take apart the text and understand that the word "that" can function differently is made so much easier using this fun read.

Praiseworthy treasured the bowler hat that Pitch-pine Billy used to pan for gold.

Jack hoped that he would hit pay dirt in the diggings.

I am going to upload a freebie example or two from different books I had worked on earlier when I first got started back in the fall. The first will be a possessive noun worksheet from Because of Winn-Dixie. How funny that I have recently read so many dog-lover stories when I am truly not one myself. I jump and back away every time I come near a dog, friendly or not!

By next week I plan to go through my teaching files and add some products to my store that I had created on a McColl Grant when I taught at Oldfields. My Spanish students began a book called La Gran Aventura de Alejandro in the first year and when they got to my second year class, I took them into the preterite. This book didn't get that far, so I wrote original chapters and continued Alejandro's adventure. Long ago I had posted them on a website called but then got busy being a mommy.

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