Monday, April 22, 2013

Because of Winn-Dixe

My featured {freebie} at the moment (check the date of this post because things change) is a possessive noun worksheet on Because of Winn-Dixie.

This is a dog-lover's tale about a little girl who is being raised by her single father. She moves to a new town, takes in a stray dog, and learns about life and relationships through the friendships she makes.

In the accompanying worksheet, students will change the underlined phrase into a possessive noun phrase.

The tail of the dog knocked over some oranges and made even more of a mess in the grocery store.
The dog's tail . . .
On her way home from the pet store, Opal rode past the house of the boys, and they followed her on their bikes.
The boys' house . . .
Gregory did a similar exercise from his grammar book this year which he and many other students found confusing. While reading this Kate DiCamillo book in Literature Circles, I realized how much better the exercise could be if it was more meaningful to him and how at the same time, such an exercise would require (and hopefully inspire) him to become a more careful reader.


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