Saturday, April 13, 2013

Chains of Evidence

Not only did I find cute free detective clip art, now I've come up with how to present my chain of evidence idea. I spent a little time at Lakeshore this a.m. and found this bucket of fun. Bonus! They were handing out coupons for teachers for next month. Tonight, after reading, of course, and tucking the boys into bed, I will put up my sample.

My Great Horn Spoon Adverbial Bookmarks are up. Even though clip art makes things cute, I didn't put too much on them so as not to force teachers to waste ink. The most important thing is that the instructions and the adverbial clauses be well-written...and that they are! Add a tassel with pony beads, and students themselves will be making them colorful with their own creativity.

Have fun with them! I certainly did.

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