Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Depth of Knowledge . . .

for finding evidence . . .

Gregory did a Bloom Ball for Mrs. K when he read Island of the Blue Dolphins. This was the first time I had ever seen it. You can learn more about her creative idea here at teachersnotebook. Since learning to find evidence is one of the keys to being a good reader, I had the idea to create something similar that supports a statement about By the Great Horn Spoon. I came up with 8 statements about the story and am now working on finding evidence from the book with page numbers to include in the answer key. I'm going to provide templates, smaller than those I've seen online if possible, for creating one that supports this statement so that teachers can have an example to show students.

Here is my work in progress:

Summary Statement to Find Evidence For:

This adventure changed both Praiseworthy and Jack.

It requires 12 supporting statements which form the panels of the Bloom Ball. Students would write these on their own after they collect evidence. I'll have to create a form for that and include it with the packet.

Below are examples of supporting statements that students would write on each panel. This will be part of my example.

1) Jack got stronger from all the hard work at the diggings.
2) Jack got a nickname: Jamoka Jack.
3) Praiseworthy was no longer trapped by his upbringing as a butler and could propose to Aunt Arabella.
4) Jack started to use the language he learned at the diggings; for example, he said carpentaros instead of woodpeckers.
5) Jack started drinking coffee.
6) Praiseworthy no longer carried his umbrella and wore his bowler hat; he dressed in the red miner's shirt and wore a wide-brimmed hat.

I can't give it all away yet! Give me a few days to work on this . . .

It seems that my By the Great Horn Spoon packet is getting the most interest so now that I have finished Shiloh, I'm going to focus on that.

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