Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Punctuation Rules

I revised the punctuation worksheets from my ESL teaching and developed a list of 12 important punctuation rules for 4th graders to know. It's quite comprehensive, but a few less easily understood rules have been left out. It is more comprehensive than a similar TpT resource which was created for middle-schoolers, but I felt that identifying transitions and adverbials and knowing the difference between a prepositional phrase and a dependent clause is key to understanding how sentences and parts of a sentence work. Included are the comma and semi-colon rules, but I've left out the lesser-used colon. I believe there is enough confusion with transitions, adverbials and prepositional phrases. I've paired these rules with examples from the Gold Rush and am hoping to have it in my store by the end of the week, but I've shared the list of rules for free in my TpT store. I've also begun a Gold Rush board on Pinterest. Thrilled to have found the transcript from the PBS video, I thought it ideal to have one place for all these interesting resources.






















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