Thursday, May 30, 2013

Adverbials (Cause and Result)

So is the coordinating conjunction used to connect ideas that are related by cause and result; below is a list of adverbials. Students need to be taught that so combines two independent clauses, but adverbials begin a dependent clause and require an independent clause to complete a complex sentence.

Cause and Result

as long as
forasmuch as
inasmuch as
now that
so that

Here are some examples from By the Great Horn Spoon.

Praiseworthy earned the nickname Bullwhip because he knocked out the road agent with such force.

Praiseworthy and Jack let go of their belts so that they wouldn't drown.

Jack stuffed the pig through the porthole since he didn't want the cook to see him.

Now that Praiseworthy is a miner in the diggings, he wears a red shirt and a wide-brimmed hat.

I will soon have up my second packet for By the Great Horn Spoon. It reviews coordinating conjunctions and adverbial clauses and requires students to decipher relationships between clauses. It also presents the 12 rules of punctuation in context in the same way my Gold Rush punctuation activity does.

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