Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Descriptive words for summaries

Now in the fourth grade, along with other types of writing, Gregory continues to write summaries of the books he has read. His teacher this year had the students compose their summaries online on KidsBlog. Students were able to comment on their peer's summaries. All submissions were reviewed by the teacher before anything was published.

In these summaries, students are usually asked to write a topic sentence including a descriptive word about the story, the author(s) and an underlined title. For example,

The Whipping Boy by Sid Fleischman is an entertaining story about a prince who is spoiled, a street-smart rat-catcher who serves as the royal whipping boy, and the unlikely friendship that develops between them. 

I've worked with Gregory on so many different books that are all "good." His classmates, who I meet with weekly during Literature Circles, for the most part, describe what they are reading the same simple way. Hence, the list below from which students, including my boys, can choose.

Thought of another? Add yours in the comment section below.

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