Monday, May 13, 2013

Punctuation Review and By the Great Horn Spoon

You would think I couldn't come up with another sentence about this book, but I have. Not just another sentence, but 42 new sentences that pair with the Punctuation Rules I posted. This is a "get them up and out of their seats" activity. A little glue or tape, some group or pair work, and a fun way to review sentence structure and By the Great Horn Spoon. Did I say fun? Well, for those of us who are punctuation-obsessed, this IS fun!

Rule #1

Praiseworthy and Jack departed Boston aboard the Lady Wilma on January 27, 1949.

Rule #2

The Lady Wilma left Boston Massachusetts in January, 1949. (also rule #1)

Rule #3

Praiseworthy uttered, "By the Great Horn Spoon," when Aunt Arabella agreed to marry him.

Rule #4

With the gold dust hidden in his glove, Praiseworthy knocked the ruffian 15 feet up hill and later earned the nickname Bullwhip. (also rule #8)

Rule #5

Weakened and worried about the lost map, Dr. Buckbee wrote to Praiseworthy offering to split the fortune fifty-fifty if he could help.

Rule #6

Quartz Jackson, one of the Hangtown miners, brought his missus to the diggings to show her off.

Rule #7

Jack and Praiseworthy could have gone to Roaring Camp or Cut Throat or Angels Camp, but they settled on Hangtown. (also rule #8)

Rule #8

The Sea Raven stopped in Callao and took on enough coal to fill its bunkers and decks.

Rule #9

Once Jack had finished the last of his coffee, he earned the nickname "Jamoka Jack."

Rule #10

Because of the coal dust on Good Luck, Praiseworthy came up with an idea to find the scoundrel who stole their passage fare. (also rule #4)

Rule #11

The Lady Wilma departed Boston in late January. Finally, its five-month-long journey ended when it docked at the wharf in San Francisco, California. (rule #2)

Rule #12

Praiseworthy and Jack left Hangtown for Shirt-tail Camp; they had heard about a tooth-extractor named Doc Higgins working there.

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