Saturday, March 23, 2013

Sitting in Starbucks

...I'm laughing out loud at the quotes I read from Lynne Truss just now. I have to find and read her book. I was googling quotes about punctuation to put on my TpT profile. She had the funniest things to say. Why I feel so strongly about the incorrect use of punctuation is beyond me. I am compelled, now, to write to Andrew Clements about the mistake I found in one of his books. Maybe he'll thank me and give me one of his manuscripts to edit. Don't laugh. That happened to me at Georgetown. Deborah Tannen signed a book for me; and after discussing a typo I found in her book, she offered me her latest manuscript and paid me to edit it! Yes, I have a letter to prove it. I refuse to put any smiley faces in my blogs, but that little spot there after the "it" really needed one.

Last night before drifting off to dreamland, I uploaded 24 fabulous pages of grammar worksheets for Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing. If I were an overworked teacher using this novel in Literature Circles, I'd print out these worksheets for my substitute teacher file and take the day off. This is the mother lode of freebies in my personal opinion. I'm hoping that it will give a buyer confidence that anything else I produce will be just as wonderful. And I promise you it will. Okay, resisting the urge for another smiley face.

If you've found your way here, you can still get to Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing, but it is now a paid resource. Click here to download a preview. What I am offering for free related to this hilarious story is a class activity focusing on subordinating conjunctions (think . . . because, when, while, before). Confusing words for young writers. This freebie offers a simple and clear explanation of the grammar using contextualized examples from Judy Blume's work. 

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