Tuesday, March 26, 2013

By the Great Horn Spoon

I've been toying with the idea of creating bookmarks that highlight punctuation rules using the context of the California Gold Rush. I've got to finish my By the Great Horn Spoon packet first, though. If I get to developing it, I'd suggest in the overview giving each student a bookmark with a different rule and then have them write down one sentence they find in the book that follows the rule (on the other side of the bookmark). Chapter 10 was full of homophones...think "the butt of Cut-Eye Higgin's gun," and there is definitely a worksheet coming out of that. I haven't been in a creative place the last two days to work on it but jotted down some notes. I also continued going through my teacher files and found a very interesting worksheet on noun clauses. I have a list of words that introduce them, and I was thinking of creating a worksheet highlighting that grammar point. As the books I choose to create materials for are more challenging, the associated worksheets should highlight grammar at that level.

I wrote out a vocabulary worksheet for Literature Circles to highlight for the group what Mrs. K wants them to get out of Word Wizard. I used the word "detain" which happened to be in the book we are reading, Tale of Despereaux, as well as in By The Great Horn Spoon. I've thought about creating bookmarks highlighting different vocabulary words as well. What is it with me and bookmarks? I think they would sell, but would other teachers find them just as exciting and more important, would they pay a few dollars for a set for a book they were using in Literature Circles?

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