Friday, August 2, 2013

Writing Folder Essentials: Punctuation, Transitions and Adverbials

Up now on TpT as an "always and forever" freebie are three different charts in one download: Writing Folder Essentials: Punctuation, Transitions and Adverbials.

The first is a list of 12 important punctuation rules. It is not a complete list, though, as there are more subtle, difficult to understand rules, that have been omitted.  The second is a list of transitions. Although the CCSS group although with transitions such as moreover and however, beware that although is an adverbial and follows a different punctuation rule. The list of transitions is divided into six categories: additional information, restatement, restatement to intensify, exemplification, choice or alternative, cause and result, comparison or similarity, time and sequence, contrast, and summation. The third handout is a list of adverbials. They are divided into 6 categories: time and contrast, condition, cause and result, contrast, manner, and purpose.

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