Saturday, August 17, 2013

Indian in the Cupboard: Phrasal Verbs & Vocabulary

Phrasal verbs are ordinary verbs followed by particles or prepositions. They are not idiomatic expressions but real verbs. Anyone who hopes to speak English fluently can't avoid memorizing them. There are entire books written about phrasal verbs and dictionaries for ESL learners (I like Longman's) which help ESL students learn how to use them. Are they separable or inseparable? It's hard to know the difference between pick out (choose), pick over (look through carefully), pick on (bully or tease) and pick up (lift or give someone a ride). So I've incorporated three separate worksheets in my new packet and this list of phrasal verbs (below) to choose from. Here is a sample from Chapters 1-5.

The new packet will contain three pages of vocabulary, all of which has been categorized by parts of speech. Pages numbers are listed and if a word is underlined, that means it is used elsewhere in the book as well as in that particular section.

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