Monday, June 17, 2013

By The Great Horn Spoon (Advanced Grammar)

I've devised a 28-page packet full of adverbial clauses and a thorough punctuation review. It gives students ample practice within the context of this great story. Students are first asked to identify adverbial clauses. They can come before or after the independent clause; they illustrate a variety of relationships including condition (even if, provided that, as long as) cause and result (because, since so that), contrast (although, even though, whereas, while), and time and sequence (by the time, after, before, whenever, while). Part B asks students to combine sentences given the adverbial. They need to decide which clause should include the adverbial and how it should be ordered. They also need to remember punctuation rule #9. Part C has students unscramble the adverbial clause within the sentence. See the example below.

(If) hung Doc miners the Higgins, Praiseworthy feared they would never find Dr. Buckbee’s map.
The second half of the packet provides less of a worksheet and more of an activity for the class. Students are given a card with a bubble and a sentence. Each sentence illustrates one of the 12 punctuation rules (sometimes two). Students must identify the rule, illustrate the sentence in the bubble, and display their work on a pocket chart. These are original sentences.

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