Thursday, June 20, 2013

A-Z Mysteries: The Bald Bandit

Reread it again last night and took some notes for my possessive noun worksheet. I see many of my readers downloading the freebie I have up on The Absent Author, so I'm guessing some of you are waiting for the next "installment." Here are some of my ideas; it will be about a 20 item worksheet, and then I'll move on to The Canary Caper and see what grammar comes out of that story.

The mom of Dink called him Donald David Duncan, not just Dink, when she was upset.
Dink's mom

Dink rang the doorbell of Mrs. Davis on Halloween.
Mrs. Davis' doorbell OR Mrs. Davis's doorbell 

The front lawn of the O'Learys was scattered with bikes and toys and sneakers.
The O'Learys' front lawn OR The O'Learys's front lawn

This is how I typically present possessive noun forms along with a Part A section with examples taken directly from the book with page numbers. Students simply have to underline and therefore, recognize, the form. I thought last night to add an "unscramble" where students would be required to pick out the noun that the form is modifying.

house friends the Detective Dink's from three called Reddy.

The three friends called Detective Reddy from Dink's house.

That could be challenging for second graders and might be best done in groups.

Off to Sacramento with Gregory today. He's excited to see Iron Man 3 and to swim in the hotel pool. I'm excited to learn more about the Gold Rush and see the capitol. My Gold Rush obsession continues!

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