Thursday, July 25, 2013

The Canary Caper

This is what I am working on for the third book in Ron Roy's series about three young friends who solve mysteries in the town of Green Lawn, Connecticut. This type of exercise provides not only a great opportunity for students to focus on a verb tense but also to synthesize and demonstrate their understanding of the CVC pattern (jot, rob, clap, flap) and irregular verb forms.

Regular and Irregular Verbs Forms in the Simple Past Tense

Ruth Rose (to bring) _________________ her brother over to Dink's backyard and (to pitch) ________________ her tent.

Ruth Rose (to stick) ____________ her head inside the tent and (to wake) _____________ up Dink and Josh.

The three friends (to walk) _______________ (to walk) over to the police station and (to report) _______________ Tiger missing.

Dink, Josh, and Ruth Rose (to look) _________________ (to look) for Mrs. Davis's canary and then (to go) _______________ to the circus in town.

The junior detectives (to disguise) _________________ themselves and (to hide) _______________ in the bushes outside Mrs. Davis's house.

Fred Little and his girlfriend (to rob) ___________________ houses in other towns before hitting Green Lawn.

Update 10/3/2013: This exercise is now complete and has been added to my store on TpT: A-Z Mysteries: A Contextualized Common Core Grammar Review.

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