Sunday, July 21, 2013

A-Z Mysteries

A-Z Mysteries is a series of chapter books by Ron Roy. They are popular with first or second graders and with parents who can buy them grouped at a reasonable price through Scholastic. My oldest son read through all 26 mysteries and then went on to read Roy's Calendar Mysteries and Super Editions. My middle son, who is going into third grade, is now easily reading through them. 

I have created worksheets to practice Proper and Common Nouns within the context of the first book in this series: The Absent Author. The first exercise contains twelve original sentences which together summarize the story. Students are asked to underline the proper nouns and categorize them into persons/animals, places, or things. They also circle the common nouns and then alphabetize them. Students are using multiple skills which makes the exercise challenging. Teachers may prefer to assign the reading as homework and have students work in pairs on these exercises in class. Alternatively, teachers can use these exercises as "bonus" work for students who've demonstrated they are ready to move on when the majority of the class is not.

A download preview is available on TpT.

There is a Possessive Noun worksheet for The Bald Bandit and a Simple Past Tense worksheet for The Canary Caper. Additionally, following The Canary Caper worksheets is an "error analysis" exercise which reviews the previous grammar using the context of the "new" story.

This item is currently priced at $2.00. When I add The Deadly Dungeon (I'm aiming for November) anyone who has purchased the product at $2.00 will receive a new link to upload the product for free. This means that those who buy now will pay $2.00 and will eventually receive all 26 mysteries for that low price. As I work through the series and add additional worksheets, naturally, I will raise the price. So get it now while it's cheap! As always, feedback is welcome and appreciated.


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